Shining Light LogoAdelaide West Uniting Church are consciously reducing our impact on the environment. We have already installed rainwater tanks and solar panels and now we are seeking to reduce the number of people commuting by car to church and in their daily lives. Whether you’re a member of the church or not please join with us as we encourage safe cycling through the Shining Light programme.

Rod Dyson


To create a culture of road safety in both the AWUC and broader community and influence safer use of the road network whilst reducing car kilometres.


We will:

  • Encourage participants to develop skills to cycle safely by providing cycling workshops. 2 workshops will be held on November 8 & 15, run by Ride-a-Bike– Right. These will be open to the broader community as well as AWUC and be promoted at the Spring Fair and through other community partners.
  • Install new bike racks on the church grounds – underway
  • Provide resources to support cycling commuters on a loan bases including lights, helmets and locks. These will be available from the office.
  • Promote walking, car-pooling and public transport as an alternative.


How do you get involved?

  • A pilot group will begin on September 1 with a full launch at the Spring Fair Saturday 18th October.
  • Fill out a simple registration form (available from the AWUC foyer, office, or by emailing
  • Keep a log of all journeys where you replace car travel by cycling, walking, car pooling or using public transport.
  • Report your distances and mode on a regular basis to the AWUC office or email
  • Submit the occasional survey as required
  • Encourage family and friends to also join


We will plot these distances on a map of Australia along Highway 1…help us get the whole way round!

See how we are going on the interactive map.

This project is supported by the Motor Accident Commission and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s Community
Grants funding.