The Perry Memorial Pipe Organ was originally presented to the Holder Memorial Methodist Church, South Road; Mile End. Following rationalization of churches in the district in 2002 it was transferred and rebuilt into Adelaide West Uniting Church at Sir Donald Bradman Drive.

The organ was built by AH Weber in 1914, rebuilt by JE Dodd and Sons in 1944 then relocated, rebuilt and extended by Clive Arkley of Perth in 2003. It’s original case was given to a church in Melbourne, a new detached console constructed, capture system added and façade pipes reduced in number and repainted.

The organ is housed in an elevated purpose build chamber. Additional pipe work, new bellows, a new blower, swell engine, capture system and solid state electrics were added.

The organ is appreciated for its romantic characteristic and its significant enhancement to traditional styles of worship. Ongoing refinements continue to improve its performance in the dry acoustic of the multi purpose auditorium.


Great –             61 notes

Open Diapason  8
Claribel               8
Principal             4
Dulciana             8
Flute                   4
Fifteenth             2
Mixture             111



Swell               61 notes

Hohl Flute        8
Flute                4
Piccolo             2
Celeste            8
Gamba             8
Principal           4
Mixture             11
Oboe                8
Oboe                16

Bourdon              16
Lieblich Bourdon 16
Bass Flute            8
Octave Flute        4
Oboe                   8
Fifteenth              4

32 notes concave radiating.

Usual couplers and general cancel.

5 adjustable thumb pistons on Great and Swell and 5 General Thumb pistons with duplicated toe pistons.

Muldersoft capture system with transposer and MIDI interface and sequencer.

Our current organists are Meredith Dowdy and Wayne Colebatch.

A scholarship has been made available for an organ scholar to have professional training for the special ministry in music.

Information supplied by Wayne Colebatch 2010