In response to our creator God and being caretaker to His creation, Adelaide West have implemented a number of initiatives to be environmentally conscious and enabling us to reduce overhead costs.

Rainwater harvesting project

Rain Water HarvestingThis project was completed and the system turned on for the first time over the weekend of 28 & 29 May, 2011. The main features of the system are:

(a)       10,000 litres of storage in two round, colorbond galvanised metal tanks complete with level gauge.

(b)       Space and tie-ins for a future 3rd tank to lift the storage capacity to close to 15,000 Litres. Note: Size and no. of tanks was the largest practicable to fit the available space

(c)       Underground piping to link the roof capture system into the tanks (wet system) and from the tanks to an inside store room where the pump and filtration system are installed. Overflow connected back into existing storm water system, again via underground piping.

(d)       Pressure pump (100 litres/min) with associated filter, valving and power supplies

(e)       Automatic switching device to go back to mains water in the event of the tanks running empty and then immediately back to rain water after level is re-established in the tanks after rain.

(f)        Distribution of rain water into the Church, but currently segregated for use exclusively within the toilets, ablutions and cleaning sinks area of the church. In future may extend to allow use for garden watering (firstly) and then kitchen areas (secondly) when future tank installed.

The impact of this project on reducing our water usage is estimated to be 50,000 litres p.a., and coupled with this is a commensurate reduction in our storm water run-off. However, only time will tell if the impact is even better and we will monitor this over the next year to 2 by way of our S.A. Water invoices. Funds for this project were achieved through a variety of sources and raising them was used as a community building exercise.

Adelaide West Uniting Church gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the West Torrens City Council on the provision of the Environmental Grant. We also thank the Adult Fellowship for providing a significant portion of the AWUC funds to ensure the project proceeded.

(Taken from the 2011 Annual Report)

Solar Panels on Manse

Solar Panels Front View Solar Panels Rear View
Solar Panels on the Church
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AWUC Solar 110314
Items for recyclingRecycling of various items

  • Batteries go to Battery World
  • Pull tags from Cans
  • Used printer Cartridges go to Cartridge World
  • Used stamps for International Mission (Sally Stamps)