Decisions from Church Council meeting minutes – 7th September 2017

1. Council approved Rod taking a week’s leave from 9th October to 15th October
2. Council nominated the upcoming Spring Fair (21st October) to be an Input Tax Fundraising Activity
3. Treasurer will prepare a draft budget for 2018 to bring to October Council meeting for feedback in readiness to present at November Congregation Meeting
4. Council approved request from David Bailey to write and submit Environment and Community Engagement Grants on behalf of AWUC which includes items such as skate park surface refurbishment and water fountain
5. Staff review process was discussed. Contract decisions to be made at October meeting
6. Approval given for Scripture Union to paint tree mural on outside southern wall of AWUC building
7. Council in favour of including an Acknowledgement of Country on front page of weekly news sheet

Decisions from Church Council meeting minutes – Thursday 2nd March 2017

1. Decisions (as opposed to minutes excerpt) to be printed on noticeboard moving forward
2. Notice of 3 baptism requests received and confirmed
3. Peace afternoon tea (May 7 th 2017) endorsed and invitations to be sent out soon

Decisions from Church Council meeting minutes – Thursday 8th December 2016
1. The feedback from the staff that had annual reviews completed was given during this meeting. Council decision was made to extend Suzi Cousins contract for a further 12 months effective January 1st 2017


Decisions from Church Council meeting minutes – Thursday 2nd February 2017
1. Lights for auditorium – catering team agreed to fund this
2. Discretionary crisis fund of $5,000 – catering team agreed to also fund this
3. Council agreed that the 5th Sunday in a month for the 9.15am services would have a progressive theme
4. Council agreed support Men’s Choir trip to Broken Hill with $1,000 to cover transport costs
5. Council agreed that all decision making for use of AWUC facilities to go via Rod and Suzi
6. The feedback from the staff that had probationary reviews was given during this meeting


Matt Cragg

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